de"Sometimes, you must undertake a great journey just to arrive at the place from where you first set out."

Here, I would like to tell you my personal story and describe for you exactly what is behind my label “mariea – eine Kleidersafari”, and also what role you can play in this.

It was always clear to me that my own fashion label would be named after my dear Grandmother, Maria, or sometimes Marie.
mariea, to me, means sun, a love of life and positive energy. Embodied within my designs you will find a variety of inspiring ideas, experiences and unique personal expression.

The name of this website complements perfectly the label
“mariea – eine Kleidersafari,"
The design and tailoring of the garments within the range are heavily influenced by my absolute passion for travel, in particular safari, and the motto, “from my hobby to my job,” holds as true today as it ever has.
A safari also because of my many jobs in show business; i´m practically a “Job Gypsy” - everytime moving through all the different lifestyles, jobs and countries

During my travels, through distant and exotic lands, I have experienced new cultures, religions, lifestyles and traditions, and have utilised these opportunities to gather countless materials, local items of clothing and accessories. I allow myself to be influenced by the clothing of these very different worlds, their traditional cuts, designs, patterns, textures and bright colours, even the way in which they are worn, and when I return home, with this wonderful potpourri of colours, I begin with the design of my clothing range, thus building a bridge between two, or more, contrasting cultures. So came the idea for my latest rage, "Bollywood meets Bavaria" with the "Sari" and my "Love 'n' Roses" Dirndl.

Saris and silk from Mumbai’s Mangaldas Market, carefully crafted into summer dresses and handbags.
An African tablecloth becomes a "Katatura" Evening Dress, named after a Namibian township.
Cloth from a mountain market in Swaziland becomes a casual, "Swazi-Zebra-Dress."
A fragrant soft silk is lovingly transformed into a pretty dress for a 1-year child for her parents wedding.
Grandma’s old fabrics and bed linens, Mum’s teenage hippie dress, or your mother-in-law’s seventies style wedding dress, can all be given a new life.

And now to you!
I would be pleased to work together with you to bring your ideas or designs to fruition, or to provide styling tips, and then to step lightly upon the pedals of the sewing machine to produce ever more stylish creations.